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> Has anyone out there used the Cutting Bar in the Orchard Centre and if so
> is it any good/worth it etc? I rather like the idea of being able to pop
> in when you feel like it rather than making appointments etc etc and I
> think some hair places are way too expensive - right rip-offs!

I have used them twice. The first time I had a really friendly professional stylist and my cut was perfect, just as I'd asked.

However, the second (and last) time I went, I had a completely different experience. The girl rushed my cut, made nasty remarks about my eczema and I later found, after I'd washed and dried my hair, that one side was longer than the other. I went to Segais in Wantage 2 weeks afterwards to sort it out.

I wouldn't use The Cutting Bar again. But I think it could be worth trying them as you may be lucky and have an experience like my first.

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