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> Hopefully amuse themselves did not lead to the abuse of others? Or did
> it..? Why do so many residents posting here appear so unhappy with their
> lot? Thirteen yrs of growth under Labour and so very sad? Does Didcot lack
> any community spirit or professional leadership or respect for others? Me,
> Me, Me, prehaps? Not taking a pop at anyone - I know times are difficult,
> but not hard, - cut yre cloth accordingly and, may i suggest stop reading
> the 'I don't work posts'. You just know that they are not happy posts, no
> matter they pretend otherwise. Good luck to all genuine posts. :)

You silly little man Jon, you always have to get a dig in. Leave the lady alone now. Are you a bully or something? You have had your say, made your feeling known millions of times, yet you keep going on. Enough. Find something else, perhaps in your own area, to amuse you.

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