Re: No Deal Brexit Leave Means Leave.

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> Leaving the EU and making our own way in the world sounded like a good
> idea, but this Tory government has completely f***ed up the whole thing.
> The UK is now a laughing stock around the world, and the total incompetence
> and arrogance of the Tory idiots has ruined any chance that we could be a
> success outside of the EU. This Tory government is the worst government we
> have ever had, and May, Cameron, Farage and all the other w*nkers who have
> turned the UK into a joke should be in jail.
> This country has no right to call itself "Great" Britain any more
> thanks to these people.
> The only joy I am getting from this whole Brexit mess is seeing the Tories
> self destruct. Hopefully this debacle will destroy the Tories for good.
> We should just stay in the EU as it is clear we are governed by morons who
> have no idea of running a country on their own. If Ed Vaisey has any sense
> of shame, he should disown his party and work towards cancelling Brexit
> altogether.

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