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> Oh this must be a pretty boring thread for most people to read? I think I
> will state my case, once and for all, then let it lie, you can carry on
> your moaning and being upset forever and a day then...
> First, I have been honest on here. How many of you use your real name or
> have told us your financial situation? I don't hide behind several made up
> names, I use one -my own!
> I have never worked, in the 10 years since leaving school, and will never
> work. I don't want to, and certainly don't feel the need to drag myself out
> of bed each day, and be away from my little boys and friends all day
> long...why would I? OK, for 'respect' as some of you have said, or for
> 'society' or just because that is what you choose to do.
> I have one life, and I shall enjoy living it as I please.
> Now, feel free to spit your dummies out if you wish, I REALLY do not mind,
> I have heard it all before, and have never taken any notice at all.
> I have my own home, and savings. I have a lovely boyfriend, who is very
> generous. I have an ex-husband who pats maintenance for my eldest, and
> another ex-partner who obviously pays for the youngest.
> What more can I tell you? I am happy. I know that hurts, but I honestly am,
> I have a great life, many friends and a fun and happy life, I could not
> wish for more.
> So, come on, start moaning, if that makes you happy! Remember though, I
> don't care about you people, you are not important in my life, I have many
> people that love me, so I am very happy. There, I have been
> all state your real names and your financial positions please!

Sharon, I don't think people so much object to your choice to stay at home and look after your children (at least I hope they don't) - after all, it used to be the norm for women to be housewives and stay-at-home mothers and those women who went out to work were the exceptions. What annoys people, it seems to me, is that you apparently claim benefits as well as being (by your own statement) very well provided for. I'm not suggesting that women should stay at home these days, but that should still be a perfectly acceptable lifestyle choice. But if it is a woman's choice when it would be possible for her to do something different (i.e. go out to work), it seems unreasonable that she should claim benefits as well - it's a bit like having one's cake and eating it. When women stayed at home as housewives and mothers, there weren't such things as child benefit, but then the standard of living that was accepted as normal wasn't anything like it is now.

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