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> Sharon, I don't think people so much object to your choice to stay at home
> and look after your children (at least I hope they don't) - after all, it
> used to be the norm for women to be housewives and stay-at-home mothers and
> those women who went out to work were the exceptions. What annoys people,
> it seems to me, is that you apparently claim benefits as well as being (by
> your own statement) very well provided for. I'm not suggesting that women
> should stay at home these days, but that should still be a perfectly
> acceptable lifestyle choice. But if it is a woman's choice when it would
> be possible for her to do something different (i.e. go out to work), it
> seems unreasonable that she should claim benefits as well - it's a bit like
> having one's cake and eating it. When women stayed at home as housewives
> and mothers, there weren't such things as child benefit, but then the
> standard of living that was accepted as normal wasn't anything like it is
> now.

Absolutely unbeleivable. By her own admission 'cannot be bothered to get out of bed, have not and will never work, living one life(subsided by honest tax paying citizens and 2 ex partners + the latest aquasition in tow). I have this image - straight out of school into a maternity dress. As for her not caring - well she is so rubbed up for some rearson she feels the need to justify her position. Sounds like a Didcot Heather Mills, but without the money. Yup, we all accept this as a wind up - me I have more richness than you could amass in a hundred lifetimes given your current 'lifestyle' and I have no need to live in Didcot too, or indeed for that matter Oxfordshire - but then again, unlike someone I do not want to turn into a braggart. xxx :) ;) ;) v

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