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> Anybody out there know the answer to this? If you have Pay as you Go
> Vodafone USB Dongle for the Internet, do you have to use this when using
> public WiFi spots? In other words is the code enough to use WiFi in public
> or must you use the dongle as well? Come on computer buffs, let's get
> technical.

A dongle allows you to connect to the internet over the mobile phone network.It is the direct connection between your computer and "the internet" (a phone line does the same job)
WIFI is completely different. WIFI allows your computer to connect to the wireless network, which is then connected to the internet (this connection to the internet is normally via a landline, but could be via a mobile phone dongle - any connection to the internet) which is how you can use the internet over WIFI. So there are two connections here : 1: computer to the network; 2: Network to the internet
If you are using a mobile phone dongle that connects directly to the internet, or if you have a land line at home that connects directly to the internet, then you don't need a WIFI network, which is just another connection between the internet and your computer.

Public WIFI then is just a connection between your computer to their network, which is normally connected ot the internet which allows you to use it.
Public WIFI can be free, or you may need to pay for it. Most modern laptops have a WIFI card to connect to a wireless network. I have no idea what the Vodaphone dongle does, but I would expect that you do not need it to connect to WIFI (unless you have a really old laptop).
Most free public WIFI does not require a password, so if you are in an area with free wifi, search for wireless networks, if you find one, connect to it.
Some public WIFI is more secure, where you have to enter a password before you use it. This may be given out free to customers of the place providing WIFI on request.
Finally public WIFI may not be free (e.g. BT Openzone), where you need to have log in details, or buy them before you use it.

To summarise, if you have a modern laptop, you should not need the Vodaphone dongle to connect to public WIFI

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