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> No, not necessarily, and yes I am clever in that I would support a brexit
> party if it was a genuine, sensible party dedicated to managing the country
> after leaving the EU in a well planned honest way. If it had a decent
> manifesto with clear plans on education, future health care, rebuilding
> industries etc etc
> Does Farage have these plans ? of course he doesn't.
> What I will not support is a suddenly formed, one policy protest party
> which is in reality simply a vehicle for Farage's ego. Why didn't he just
> call it the Nigel Farage party? because that's what it is.
> The guy is an odious charlatan, and if he was the only candidate in an
> election I still wouldn't support him.
> The milkshake looked good on him though.

Complete nonesense, he wouldn't have had to set the party up if brexit had been delivered as promised in the manifestos of the Tories and Labour.

Manifestos have been routinely ignored for decades now so you're not so clever are you if that's what you rely on.

Furthermore The guy who chucked the milkshake is being prosecuted for common assault and criminal damage. You supporting the act puts you in the same category of a thug and all the other odious little creeps who thinks it's acceptable to commit acts of violence on people because you don't like their opinion.

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