Re: Brexit Party Unstoppable

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> Complete nonesense, he wouldn't have had to set the party up if brexit had
> been delivered as promised in the manifestos of the Tories and Labour.
> Manifestos have been routinely ignored for decades now so you're not so
> clever are you if that's what you rely on.
> Furthermore The guy who chucked the milkshake is being prosecuted for
> common assault and criminal damage. You supporting the act puts you in the
> same category of a thug and all the other odious little creeps who thinks
> it's acceptable to commit acts of violence on people because you don't like
> their opinion.

I'll ignore your typical brexiteer attitude and ask a simple question. What are Farage's deliverable plans for education, healthcare and UK infrastructure ?

Simple question, right? So I will await your answer.

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