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> > > > > Time to remove the hapless Vaisey (If the remoaner has > the > gaul > to > stand > again). Lets prey we get a Brexit candidate to ensure our wishes are > fulfilled. Out of the EU,out of the Common Market, out of Single > Market, > out of the Custom Union, NO £39 billion divorce payment, NO DEAL, > WTO > No Problem. Vote Brexit to save your Country. At the last > General > Election over 90% of the voting electorate supported Manifestos to leave > the EU,the customs union and the single market. Time to honour the > decision > of the British people Vote Brexit Party. As someone once said " I > would rather die in a ditch" than vote Lib dem or liebour. So you > agree then it has to be Brexit Party?.. No point misquoting me. If you worship Mr Ego Farage, its up to you. But I will vote for anyone who plans to stop this madness, and will celebrate any defeat for Farage or Johson. Tell me, apart from the predictable "taking back control" shxte that brexiteers like you usually spout, give me one good example of how brexit will benefit you personally - can you do that ?

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