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Good point Richard, the £350 million was the correct gross figure, about > £250 million net if you account for the rebates. And whats wrong with > the bus statement "Lets fund our NHS instead" ?????????. And what > about gross lies the Remoaners sprouted?. "Voting to leave the EU > would have an immediate detrimental effect on the UK’s > economy" They said GDP would be down to -3.6 to -6.0, Unemployment up > +520,000 to +820,000, Sterling exchange rate index down -12% to -15%, wages > down -2.8% to-4%. Lies the economy continues to grow and unemployment > continues to fall They said an emergency budget would be necessary upon > a Leave vote being delivered. Nothing happened. Britain would be at the > “back of the queue” for a US trade deal, Reverse is true, thank > you Mr Trump. They said Article 50 would be triggered immediately, It > was triggered nearly a year later in 2017, used as a shock tactic to try > and frighten.. They said migrant camps would appear throughout South > East England,where are they? They said families would be £4,300 > worse off if Britain left the EU, based on the lie that GDP would be down - > 6%, currently running at + 1.5%. They said the idea of an EU army was a > dangerous fantasy. In November 2018, the French and German leaders Angela > Merkel and Emmanuel Macron joined politicians like Jean-Claude Juncker and > Guy Verhofstadt in calling for an EU wide army. The list goes on and on, > and Kev still sprouts the same old rubbish remain mantra.

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