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> > Ok if it is for the benefit of the country, tell us > how we > will > all benefit ? DEMOCRACY WILL BE UPHELD, Kevin.The argument and debate has > already been won, and by a massive majority the country decided to LEAVE. > This was again ratified by a General Election in which over 90% of the > voting electorate supported their parties manifesto promise of honouring > the result of the 2016 Referendum. So stop moaning Kev, the country voted > to Leave so get over it, or dont you believe in > Democracy?. Yes, the fact that democracy will be upheld is a good thing, > but that's not the question. HOW DOES LEAVING THE EU BENEFIT THE UK ? All > the evidence says it will harm our economy, so why is it a good thing? > Please answer that Correction:- All the "opinions"and propaganda you have subscribed to say there will be harm to the economy. The reality is the EU is a failed project, it's a farce. If we remain in it our economy will be destroyed.

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